xab thoj new movie 2013 tsov & tsuv

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this movie is sold at como market booth #202 and hmong village booth #208 or to order call 651.307.3012 or email @ daimphiaj@yahoo.com.


xiongrg says:

anyone know the song @? 7:57? i have heard it somewhere long before but i can’t seem to remember…

Soua Thao says:

Cannot wait to see? this movie.

Bin Jin says:

Nalee took nose surgery..I bet when she come to USA, she’s gonna take out? tat plastic nose becuzz of cancer if she comes here…LOL..she’s gonna look ugly or else have nose cancer!

luvorm3moua says:

hahahahhaha this is soooo funny and yes hmong white can not understand hmong green, but hmong green can understand hmong white… my husband and I are like that… he hardly understand what i say…(im hmong green and he’s hmong white)
one thing i still dont understand is… why both side hate eachother just b.c of the dilact? just be happy that we? are hmong and still understand our language…

thaocrew says:

I lmao when Zab recorrect the hmoob white teheha , I’m? hmoob green and understands Zab very well , and by watching this, thnks Zab thoj for helping some of us out….

Tou Lee says:

4:41 my grandma said? its a true story but they actually died unlike the movie

Soua Thao says:

man they speak hmoob leeg so? well. cant tell if they are actually hmoob leeg or not. nice job.

Soua Thao says:

funny as? hell.. Hmoob Leeg and Hmoob dawb. love it. something new.

Abel Hang says:

Tsov? & tsuv 1

Peter Vang says:

Anybody know who the girl in the movie “? Bao ” real name is? She plays as Hmong Green Xab thoj ex girl.

holymotherscow says:

LoL thaum? twg los yog Qos hahahaha

thaocrew says:

Xab thoj knows it? all lol

chao thao says:

It suck.?

KaNplias Vaj says:

all the friends here check this new hmong film ? “HMONG NEW MOVIE SIAB NRHIAV FULL TRAILER 2013″ it real hmong no mix thanks

KaNplias Vaj says:

all the friends here check this new hmong film “HMONG NEW MOVIE SIAB NRHIAV FULL TRAILER? 2013″ it real hmong no mix thanks

hlubsaumhuabcua says:

it happen my hb grandma told me to bring the fwj kais and I told her you need lub qhws? She? said no, not qhws lub hwj kais. We both confuse

Sai Yang says:

Im also green n my hubby is white, pretty much? he cnt speak green like me. I understood white pretty well, my mom is white n my dad is green so I am mix..

CherryWang5 says:

I don’t really care lol. I am hmong white and I am married to hmong green they don’t speak much of hmong green? mostly hmong white only LOL.

123ge says:

It still happen today. I asked my sis-in-law to bring me (tsaab tsag) and she brought me a? fork. She said ” You said (rab rawg)

Gaomee Lee says:

i’m mixed and i don’t really care much? :)

Long Khang says:

i love it how xaab make fun of the moob? dlawb hab moob leeg…

Yuely Yang says:

yep………it on youtube already……..but i? think the upload delete it…..cuz i already finish watching dis movie in here

sxiong1234 says:

lol funny shits blahaha?

krystal hang says:

So funny? !

luna her says:

Omg I? want to watch this movie lol

kevin thao says:

damn dis movie is funny as hell when they? speaking dis shit, green & white


Is this movie out yet? ? Who is the publisher?

beautylaydee says:

Is this? movie on YouTube?

yee thao says:

this? movie is hella funny

Arthur Xiong says:

This is like Romeo and Juliet? Hmong green v.s. Hmong white? ?

Yeng Lee says:


alwaisehavelovenyou says:

Aha “it means? to eat cat shit” lols

K4kashiSensei says:

I’m glad? the Hmong green are being represented by Xab.

misweetnbitter says:

my sis bought the movie? and my family loves it ..too funny …

Vacho321 says:


0susanthao0 says:

this? movie was hilarious!! loved it!

0susanthao0 says:

yes,? lol.

fongLOVESbauj says:

Is the movie called tsov & tsuv or? what is it called.

musdej1 says:

ha..ha..ha..ruam tshaj ruam?

Sai Yang says:

oh? yea tis movie is funny, but I understood green n white

Sai Yang says:

is tis movie out yet, kuv xav saib dlaim movie nuav. Vim has tas? kuv yog hmoob ntsuab tas sis kuv has lus hmoob dlawb ntau…

Cha Xiong says:

so funny.
OoooooOOoooO. who that pretty girl @ 8:10???
anyway so funnny when she hella kill him toward the end when he said :i spend like 3 day&nite here with girl & i dont have time to eat at all”? & she said “i spend like 10 day&nite up here & cant even take a break to get some air”.

suskaisan says:

i can so relate to you but my inlaws and husband speaks white to me i can speak some green but not a pro in all the green words but they don’t mind they still love me? either way good laughs when i’m trying got my husband speaking white lol and we laugh when he mess up too

Adela Ganv says:

shut up! and watch it! why don’t u go help with new? ideas…they got fb pages go write to them and help them improve instead of sitting behind the screen say shit!

Teev yaj says:


kuvtutub says:

Aww so funny!! Wanted? to see more…

Lwgdej69 says:

it’s? not as funny as u think..nothing new…pointless..i guess they ran out of ideas to make movie..

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