TSOV TOJ SIAB (MOUNTAIN TIGER) 1 of 8 hmong movie

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The first Hmong action packed film, with professional martial arts and artillery stunts. Great storyline of love and vengeance. Central theme is – Is Money a…


maikor3 says:

wow, this is very intense…hmong producers? are finally improving!

anac0nda says:

when is? this movie coming out…?

myname209 says:

now this is wat i call a hmong movie? :)

HmongYang12 says:

wowoow is good? video …LOL

tigtoog says:

its getting better…keep? it up!

jaerinax says:

what..why the hmong ppl in army suits n thai in regular dress…good production (thumbs? up)

1secret says:

looks cool, but i’m not a fan of war? movie…

mchmonglauj says:

cant wait to see? this man…

MsLeeSa2102 says:

Wow? that’s pretty good.

mandead10 says:


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