Nyab 2011 pt.1 (Full Movie)

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Disclaimer: Nyab 2011 and all its contents are copyrights and reserved to Hmong Stargate Motion Picture. Copyright 2011 – Video is for viewing purpose only a…


RazYaaj says:

Why don’t the son &? nyab spoke clearer hmong!!! So annoying.

TheHmoobMovies says:

sorry I don’t have that movie.? at the moment, I’m only uploading movies that I have.

may vang says:

Hey, there’s a movie that? I havent seen a while. Its call Vaj Yim Leej Sawv Rog Cobfab part 2. I think thats how its spell… By any chance you can up load it?

malinda yang says:

Lol the nyab learn her lesson… Lying that she have a stomachache? hahahah

mai Xiong says:

Tus tub no tsis yog hais lus? me nyuam yaus, yog nws hais lus 100% hmoob Thaib.

TheHmoobMovies says:

it’s been a while but if i remember correctly, you have to have a phone # to activate the unlimited time restriction? and make sure you don’t have any “Not in Good Standing” or infraction than you should be able to upload any video longer than 15min.

2laziman says:

TheHmoob…Could you tell me how to upload full movie? Thanks?

Jerry Vang says:

I love the song in the beginning XD?
Makes me laugh XD

mimi luvsko says:

the beginning where she runs away from chores and says its becuz her stomach hurts reminds me of someone LOL?

Aznboi Vue says:

funny movie..when the dad speak..?

Aznboi Vue says:

i like her? eye brown

Aznboi Vue says:

that? bottle was kinda fool but not that full..and when she open it is was like half already

Aznboi Vue says:

cant speak hmong and talk like a kid ?

Chao Chia Lee says:

ahaha. the first 10 minutes was ridiculous. the camera going back and fourth, then suddenly? they love each other. ahahaha. omg…

Gurlhmong says:

It’s really annoying that the? son and daughter in law can’t speak proper Hmong.

Edman Yang says:

It’s funny how we stretch our words when we talk.?

Chue yee yang says:

lmao wow? lol.

Yia Chang says:


MaiSuperAngel says:

i love how they overeact? haha not

Billy Cha says:

Funniest part? ever is the brushing teeth part haha got me rolling.

Mickey Xiong says:

Finally they put up the movie?

Nancy Thao says:

Huab is Paj Huab Vaj the singer? She so? pretty.

keina vang says:

nws zoo rau cov? nyab tub nkeeg

LoserBo1 says:

You know that the director and writer is American right??

ForeverHlub yang says:

OMG….so annoying, they r suppose to be hmoog thai teb…y such babytalk……ua cas hmoob nplog yuav tsis hai lus hmoob tsis meej npaum? peb hmoob usa thiab…..stupid

Sheng Vue says:

Lmfao! This movie is about me, NYAB 2013!? Hahaha..

LadyChiaThoj says:


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